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Martin Seville 

empathy | noun The ability to understand and share the feelings of another

Founded in 2017 by Martin Seville, Empathy Coaching focuses on the management of stress and anxiety for workers in the corporate environment.



Empathy Coaching’s Signature Programme brings together the ACTION, THINKING and BELIEF needed to transform from Stressed and Overwhelmed to Confident and Empowered Hero of Your Life Story.

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We can support the wellbeing of your employees through a flexible range of tailored 1:1, group and event sessions.  Sessions bring a perfect balance of professional coaching and powerful story with a deep understanding of the corporate environment, stress and anxiety.

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Access and download Free mental health, stress and anxiety resources to help you, such as checklists, case studies, corporate materials, recommended books and useful contacts.

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Are you a Stressed, Overwhelmed, Exhausted Business Professional who deep down knows you can’t carry on like this?  If so, don’t put it off.  Reach out for a confidential FREE call with Martin to discuss your situation and explore how he can help.

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Are you interested in offering stress and confidence support or training to your employees?  If so, you can book a FREE call with Martin to discuss how he can tailor sessions to your needs.  You can also email martin.seville@empathycoaching.co.uk

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Your questions answered
If you have any other questions, email us and we’ll be delighted to answer.

The great news is that you actually have everything in you right now that you need to beat the challenges you are currently facing!

What’s difficult, however, is knowing what to do, in what order and often who to talk to about it.  That’s where a coach comes in.  Not only a sounding board but someone who can to guide you, point out the positives when you can’t see them, put things into perspective and work with you to reach the wellbeing goal you are striving for.

It’s a powerful experience to learn from others.  A coach can condense years of learning and experience into manageable sessions that fast tracks you to achieving your goals much quicker – and without as many mistakes – than you would by yourself.   



I can specifically help you with managing stress, overwhelm and anxiety, especially as a result of Work.  Much of my work focuses on your Confidence and Self-Esteem, which when unleashed makes a Massive difference to everything – work, home, life. 

You may be at different stages of these symptoms; beginning to feel stressed, been suffering for a while, or it might be a short term pressure from a recent change or new project.  You could be on a waiting list to start therapy and would like to keep up momentum or have support whilst you wait.

Below are examples of situations and physical reactions you may have:

– Overworking, time management, too much work to do, working long hours, prioritisation, work-life balance, working relationships, change in the workplace, new job, performance management, project management, line management.

– Feeling tense, exhausted, frustrated, lost, difficulty sleeping, headaches, migraines, tightness in chest, shakes, loss of appetite, eating more, low motivation, low drive, find little pleasure in things, feel sad, emotional, difficulty switching off from work, feel guilty, feel not good enough no matter how hard you try.


This depends on the programme that’s right for you.

Group courses consist generally of weekly or fortnightly one hour coaching sessions, over a period of 12 weeks.

1:1 coaching is delivered on an ongoing basis.  We’ll agree a day and time, and that is your dedicated time, until you decide you no longer require coaching.  This enables us to fully work on your goals, embed your learning and also deal with the surprises and frustrations life can throw at us – all at a speed that suits you.  This is a far more effective model than agreeing, for example, 12 sessions.  It ensures you achieving lasting results and also puts you in control of our time together.

Absolutely.  This is an integral part of coaching.  Our conversations and your action plan are completely confidential.  I have no obligation to communicate with your employer, family or friends.

One thing worth raising is that if you are not seeking medical help and I feel it would be in your interests to do so, I will be very clear about this.    Equally if I feel you are in danger of harming yourself or others I will direct you immediately to organisations that are better placed to support you.  I offer coaching, not medically trained therapy.


Group Coaching is like a virtual classroom environment.  There are specific Chapters of online learning and practice for each week.  There are, however, Group Calls, Messaging and the opportunity for a 1:1, so that we can discuss any specific concerns or challenges you are having.

1:1 coaching is slightly different to the above.  An online course, for example ACT Like a Hero, may form part of the coaching, but the 1:1 sessions will be driven by you and the goal you wish to achieve. 

Every person is different; with different issues and circumstances.  Every conversation will be different.  How you approach different sessions will also be different depending on your experiences during the previous week.  Different people also make progress at different speeds.

So, each week I will guide you and respond to you based on our conversation.  I will use all of my experience, training and resources to support you in the most appropriate and timely way.

This is the huge benefit of flexible coaching programmes.


With 20 years successful corporate experience and 10 years experience of Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder I have a deeply personal, first hand view of what it’s like to work in a fast paced, highly demanding environment, whilst struggling with the peaks and troughs of stress, anxiety, worry and low mood.

I know how lonely and isolating it can feel.  I know how you can end up over working.  Your sleep suffers.  I know about the guilt, the effect on relationships, the lack of energy and motivation.  I also know you can feel like you’re not good enough no matter how hard you try.  I also know it’s impossible to regain a healthy wellbeing without help.

I’m a qualified coach, but it’s the wealth of knowledge and empathy I can offer about suffering and recovery whilst in the corporate world that really makes me stand out.  I am passionate that you do not travel the paths I did.

There are no guarantees and no quick results; and any coach who says otherwise is not being truthful.

We are all unique and complex beings.  Improvement and getting through struggle or difficulty requires effort and a drive to improve.

I have an important role to play and I assure you I will always be open and honest with you and do everything I can to guide, educate and coach you towards your wellbeing goals.  In return, you also need to be open and honest, and willing to try strategies and activities, all of which will be designed to support your progress.

So, whilst I cannot guarantee results I assure you that if we work together, trust each other and put in the work you will become wiser, stronger and more confident.


In a typical 1:1 session, you have the opportunity to talk through any concerns, worries or stresses and how they make you feel, whilst also using recent examples to help illustrate this.  Often these will concern workload, working hours, daily routine, stakeholder management and your health.  In Group sessions, it will be similar, although more focused on the Chapter of learning just undertaken.

I will listen very carefully and ask questions, when appropriate, to clarify things or as a prompt for you to reflect.

You will be as honest, open and detailed as you feel able.  Sometimes it may take time to share certain things, and the flexibility of our sessions will give us the time we need to move forward at your pace.

Between sessions you will have actions or reading to complete.  This will be based on our conversations and designed to improve your understanding and management of the issues you are experiencing.

If you can engage with the coaching process and use the opportunity to talk, reflect and act you will get the most out of it.  I do completely appreciate however that some weeks it is enough to just talk or turn up; and recognising this is actually an important step, in managing your wellbeing and not seeing coaching as a chore or over-commitment.


Group and 1:1 coaching takes place via phone or online, on a day and at a time we mutually agree on.  For coaching online we can use either audio only (like a phone call) or face to face video.  We agree this and I provide any relevant information and links once you sign up for the programme.

For the sessions, I recommend being in a quiet room where you feel comfortable talking openly and where you are unlikely to be disturbed.


Coaching is a very personal commitment.  It is an investment in yourself.  You are investing in the potential to overcome difficulties and lead a happier and healthier life.  1:1 coaching is also very bespoke.  For these reasons it is important to consider the benefits of your desired outcome, as well as the cost of not taking action 

For Group and 1:1 Masterminds I insist we have a conversation before you sign up. This is to check whether I am the best person to support you.  If I don’t feel I am in the best position to support you, I do have many Coaching colleagues who specialise in a variety of other areas. 

In the interests of transparency, the following details current courses:

£495 : Self-Study ACT Like a Hero                                                                     Online course + FB Group

£800 per month : Ongoing Coaching
Weekly 1:1 coaching, access to relevant online courses and materials + FB Group.  No contracts.  

£1,500: Group Mastermind, ACT Like a Hero                                             Online course + FB Group + 6 Group coaching sessions and one 1:1.

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